Spirit is the first book of the Dragon Crown Trilogy. Discover an epic landscape of magic, mystery and war.

Spirit Cover Page

A war rages between King Falkor and the destruction crazed Emperor Salzar.
The Dwarves hide in their mountains and the Elves isolate themselves in the frozen wastes of the north. Neither care for the petty struggles of men.

Only the wise old man, Medriz, knows the true nature of the force that drives Emperor Salzar.
But no-one is willing to listen.
Another Great War is coming and the Children Of The Gods are neither united nor prepared.

If good is to triumph once more then Arun, a poor boy from the slums, must unite the Dwarves, Elves and Men into a common force.

The Dragons have long since disappeared. Can the dark forces of Ikur be defeated without them?

Arun is the key, but can he survive long enough to become the hero of prophecy?