Sat Sandhu is a vibrant new British author of fantasy novels. 

He was born, to Indian parents, in 1968 in Walsall, England.  Sat is the youngest of five (two brothers and two sisters).  As a child he was always creative, no doubt fuelled by his Piscean day-dreaming. 

That creativity eventually was channelled into Software Development; he studied Computer Science at the University Of Kent, at Canterbury, and became a successful IT consultant.

It was only years later that his love of story telling re-emerged.  Then, in 2009, after he was made redundant from his IT job in London, his energies were finally focused on his love of writing.  Sat and his wife, Jo, took this opportunity to travel around the world, during which time Sat wrote his first novel, Spirit.

In Spirit, the first book in the Dragon Crown Series, the reader is treated to a powerful escape in the realm of fantasy.  Discover an epic landscape of magic, mystery and war…