Summer Update 2013

It’s been a while…so I thought I’d just say “hi” and assure you I’m still working on Skull.

It’s slow going as always.  I think I’ve realised that a big part of the delay is down to “computer fatigue”…I spend all day working on computers in my role as an IT Consultant.  In my spare (writing) time I loathe sitting in front of a PC.

I’ve got a solution that I’m putting into practise….I’m going “old school” – reverting to pen and paper!!!  (Seriously!)  Maybe I’m getting too old for all this technology.  Next thing I’ll probably discover myself buying an old typewriter.

On a positive note, I did discover a big advantage associated with taking so long getting the 2nd book (Skull) completed; the plot is much better.  In fact, I had a major “Eureka!” moment two weeks back which meant a large part of this book will be much improved because I came up with an idea to improve the plot in a specific part of the novel.  The first book was a very long time in the planning (about 10 years) so it had time to mature, but that time luxury doesn’t exist for sequels.  Maybe, that’s why a lot of trilogy’s consist of a great first book but pretty mediocre follow ons.

So, at the very least, I hope I can reward the faithful with a great seconds book because I took so long delivering it.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a good summer (in my side of the hemisphere).   Take care and be happy.

Sat Sandhu