Skull – Update March 2013

I’m probably way past the “sorry” stage but I do promise that I am still working on Skull, and in no way have I given up on the series (or you).  I understand now that, with hindsight, I should have waited until I had completed the entire series before publishing Spirit, but to be honest I was, I guess, naive and over optimistic; I thought that if my first book was great (which I think it is) then a publisher would have picked it up and I would have been able to focus fulltime on the remaining books in the series.  It wasn’t to be….

Even so I have had more than enough spare time to finish Skull but I did hit a considerable “writer’s block” for quite a few months.  It was a part of the novel which was a bit “busy”….a lot going on and when that happens I tend to struggle. 

I’m finally past that stage and the pace of writing has recently picked up considerably.  I’m still reluctant to make promises on when it will be completed, especially since I know that once it is published there’s no going back.  So it has to be right the very day I publish it – that wasn’t really the case with Spirit as only friends knew about the book when I first published it.  Now, however, there are hundreds of strangers who have spent their hard-earned cash on Spirit who deserve the next book to be equally rewarding (and correct). 

So please bear with me as I focus on getting Skull completed to a high standard. 

I will make one promise.  And that is to keep you all informed, as I know I have been “missing” for some considerable time.

Kind regards

PS. I have been missing for so long that someone pointed out that I did not update you on how I got on in the Comrades Run last year.  I did the 89km run in 12 hours and 15 minutes….i.e. 15 minutes outside the medal time. 🙁 
I was utterly knackered…
It was an experience!! I have unfinished business with the Comrades Run, so I will be trying again, but not until I have fulfilled my commitment to you, my readers, first.