An apologetic update…

I have had many emails from people who have enjoyed Spirit.  The praise has been deeply humbling.  Many of you have enquired as to the release date of the next instalment in the Dragon Crown Series, Skull; I had said it would be out in the Summer of this year.  Unfortunately I am not in a position to meet this commitment.  Skull is far from complete and, therefore, its release is severely delayed.

I hate making excuses….however allow me to do so this one time.  This Sunday I’m embarking on one of those life challenges that seem like a good idea when you enter….I am running in a race called the Comrades in South Africa.  It’s a 56 mile ultra-marathon with a 12 hour cut off.  So with the considerable time spent training, as well as holding down a full-time job, the writing has had to take a back seat for a large part of the year.  Also I am doing this for a very good cause by raising money for the British Forces Foundation:

Most of my readers are American and I know that you guys hold your military in high regard and therefore at least understand my desire to raise money for the British Forces.  I think us British tend to allow anti-war sentiment to cloud our appreciation of our wonderful military personnel….anyway I digress.  With hindsight I would have finished my trilogy before entering Comrades. Rest assured that, after this Sunday, Skull (and Storm, the conclusion) once again become my priority.

I do a lot of running – it actually helps me massively in terms of thinking about my plotline etc.  So although the book is delayed I am confident it will be worth it – I have had many eureka moments regarding the Skull plot while doing my training runs (one of which included an 11 hour, 90km run on a treadmill).  So, although the running has interfered with my writing it will, I think, contribute to making the storyline rich and intense.

I’ve also decided to not even mention my aspirational deadline because I find that it plays on my mind and actually interferes with the writing.  So please bear with me – I promise the wait will be worthwhile.


My warmest regards

Sat Sandhu