Delayed for the better….

Sometime ago I was asked when could readers expect to see the 2nd instalment of the series, Skull – I responded (with genuine belief) “in time for Xmas 2011”.  Unfortunately that will no longer be the case – the writing is progressing well but the pages sometimes takes on a life of their own….and when this happens the writing slows down as the characters are allowed to breathe and grow.  That’s my style – and I think it allows the story to develop into something amazing….better than I originally plan or anticipate.

I think everyone will agree that I shouldn’t rush to get “something” out early – as such I suspect Spring 2012 is the earliest one can expect to see Skull.  I am eternally grateful to the many readers out there that have invested their hard-earned cash into my work.  I know I have a responsibility to reward that loyalty….it is a responsibility that I take very seriously.

I will endeavour to make the wait worth every second.  Thank you for your patience.