Third Time Lucky (?)

Well the 2nd proof version of my book arrived and of course I found some more errors. Pants!!!

That will add at least another week to the delay of my book release – I guess it was always going to be third time lucky (I hope!).

The book cover had a minor format error which is easily rectified but it does mean the whole proof process has to be redone. The cover doesn’t actually make a difference because (more worryingly) I found a whole host of errors in the actual text…I (and others) have read the book several times but I guess when you’re faced with reading the same thing over and over again you start seeing what you expect rather than what is actually there.

So I’m taking my time with getting the third proof ready before I submit it. I really do not want to have to go through a forth proof stage as it’s very tedious and expensive.

To give an insight into the self-publishing process on Amazon, these are the steps involved:
1. The writer (i.e. me) submits the text.
2. Amazon then send a template for the book cover (because the spine width is dependant on the number of pages of text).
3. The writer (yes, still me!) submits the book cover.
4. Amazon check the format of the book cover and contents and give the go-ahead for ordering the proofs.
5. The writer (guess who?) orders a proof copy….this is the annoying stage because for some bizarre reason postage is very expensive ($50) and slow (one week); I could get it delivered within a couple of business days but then the postage jumps up to about $150…I think this might be where Amazon make their money (!!)
6. Once the proof arrives it gets checked. If there’s a problem then we go back to step 1, otherwise I get to hit the “Publish” button.

I’m not 100% sure what happens next (or how long it takes) because I haven’t got to that elusive seventh step yet. 🙁

I am looking forward to doing that “Seventh Step” posting – but before that I have a bit of work to do.

Thank you for your patience…