The Waiting Game…

I thought it was time for an update….

Okay, so the Kindle version of my first novel, Spirit, is available to purchase from Amazon, but I know most of my readers-in-waiting are not Kindle owners (yet) and are having to wait (with bated breath no doubt) on the paperback edition.

The process is slow, but thankfully no-where near as slow as traditional publishing (although I wouldn’t say no to a call from Penguin!!!).  I’m currently waiting for the 2nd proof copy of Spirit.  Hopefully (fingers crossed) , there’s no more problems with font size or page numbers or whatever, so that I can give Amazon the go-ahead.  After that it should only take a day or two for Amazon to make the book available for order.

It is actually easier to distribute Spirit in the USA (via Amazon’s Extended Distribution Channel) – hence enabling you, the American reader, to get a copy from shops and libraries.  Unfortunately the UK’s self-publishing distribution channels are a little more cumbersome.

In the coming weeks I will keep you informed of where and how you can get a copy of this exciting new novel.